6 Best Skin Care Products for Travel

best skin care for travel

Traveling is fun and all, but going through the process can take a heavy toll on our skin, making it feel dull, oily or dry, and dirty. Although I am a huge fan of the 10-step Korean beauty routine, hauling all of those bottles and products is not really ideal when traveling. To save you the space in your luggage, here is a short and sweet list of the 6 best skin care products for travel. 

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Makeup Wipes

I believe makeup wipes are THE MOST efficient makeup removers to bring on trips because they don’t add to your TSA liquid limit and you don’t need to worry about them exploding mid-flight. My favorite brands are Pacifica, Neutrogena, and Simple Skincare.

Gel Cleanser

As tempted as I am to just stop at the wipes, using a liquid cleanser is necessary to get a nice deep clean and to obliterate even the smallest traces of makeup. I prefer to use a gel cleanser over a cream or exfoliant because it feels lighter on my skin and easier to work with in my opinion. My go-to products are definitely Dr. Jart, Simple Skincare, and L’Occitane.


I never really saw the point of toner until I forgot my face moisturizer. My skin was so tight and dry which made it freak out and produce a ton more oil a few hours later. Although it’s not a replacement for lotion, toner really helps balance out the dryness of the skin right after you cleanse.

Hands-down, my absolute favorite toner has to go to Thayers Witch Hazel. No matter what scent you go with (or if you like it unscented), it will always leave your skin feeling refreshed without a strong, lingering smell. If you haven’t checked out Thayers yet, you definitely should!


After all the heavy cleansing is out of the way, it’s time for nourishment. Serum is responsible for bringing life back into your skin because it’s chocked full of vitamins and nutrients that will replenish your skin and combat signs of aging.

Honestly, I just started getting into serums, and it has been a major game changer in my skin care routine, especially after long nights and 8-hour flights. I must disclose, a good serum does not come cheap. You get what you pay for, and the serum will be the biggest investment in your overall skin care routine, not just during travel.

I’ve used Missha and SK II before, and both were amazing and I have no complaints, but I’m currently using Elemis’s collagen serum, and it’s doing wonders for my tired skin. 

Eye Cream

People think that using eye cream only helps people with wrinkles and crows feet. However, you can never start using eye cream too early. Eye cream helps with preventing wrinkles, but also helps reduce dark circles and eyebags which aren’t cute. There are so many great eye creams out there, but my favorites have to be Philosophy and Elemis


The last step is moisturizer! Moisturizer pretty much locks in all the work that you did in your skin care and ties everything together. Most moisturizers have different unique factors to them, but the ones that I mostly go for have SPF so that I can prevent sun damage, without the stickiness of sunscreen. My holy grail SPF moisturizer has to go to L’Oreal, Clinique, and Cetaphil. They’re inexpensive and can get them anywhere!

What are your travel skin care essentials? Do you do the full 10-step routine? Do you just do 1-3 steps? Share your thoughts below!

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