Opinion: Why Having a Terrible Boss is a Blessing in Disguise

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Having a shitty boss is the worst position to be in while at work. Whether if they are mean, disorganized, or they simply don’t care about your needs, a shitty boss is the worst. Here are a few reasons why having a terrible boss is a blessing in disguise.

Reason #1: Having a terrible boss will teach you the importance of camaraderie

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When you work for a terrible boss, odds are, you may not be the only one who shares this belief. There may be a handful of coworkers that have experienced the shit end of your boss’s tendencies as well. Whenever I felt emotionally distressed or was being attacked by my boss, my coworkers came to my rescue.

The best part that came out of my last terrible job was friendships that I formed with my coworkers. Call me crazy, but I would do it all over again if it meant that I got to team up with these amazing people.

Reason #2: You will learn what you will and will not tolerate.

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Your terrible boss will eventually try to push all of your buttons. There will be days where they aren’t so terrible and then there will be other days where everything seems unbearable. You will quickly learn what your limits are and what you can and cannot tolerate in the workplace.

When you are first going into a new job, you really have no idea what to expect and have no specific limitations on what you will or will not do. (Because if you got the job, then it’s a safe bet that you are agreeing to fulfill all of the job functions). Having a terrible boss acts as a funnel to help you set limitations and gain insight on what you will or will not tolerate in the workplace.

Reason #3: It will teach you how to spot a shady business from the get-go.

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After four months, I got laid off. In those four months, I learned how to spot shady deals from a mile away. I was able to pick up on patterns and tendencies that my bosses would do before they made their next big move. Because of that, I was able to mentally prepare myself and my coworkers for the challenges that were about to come.

Now that I am on the market for a new job, after reading all of the job listings and going on interviews, I can tell if there is something off about a company. Grammar errors and vague descriptions in the job listing, an aimless website, awkward over-the-phone conversations and interviews are just a few signs that I’ve picked up.

In addition to that, you can kind of tell by paying attention to the current employees that are working there. Are they talking to each other? Does it sound like people are busy being productive? Do they look happy?

I know it’s not fair to judge a work place by what you experience when you first arrive in person. But, the golden rule when meeting someone new in any occasion is that first impressions are everything. So, is it still too crazy to judge the workplace by its initial vibes? Don’t think so.

I knew the company I worked for was shady the moment I asked what they did. I felt the job was a red flag when the interviewer said, “it’s complicated. In addition, other employees would tell me that the previous employees just stopped showing up to work or disappeared without any reason. I learned all of this within 2 days of working there full-time.

Now that I am job hunting again, one of my mandatory questions that I ask at every interview is clarification or more background on the company mission statement. If the interviewer can’t even give me that much, major pass

Have you ever had a terrible boss? How has your experience made you stronger? How did you handle interacting with them? 

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  1. October 3, 2017 / 1:11 am

    Wow such a great post. Also, love the layout! Which one are you using? It is so terrible to have a terrible boss, and I believe everybody has been there. I never saw it as a blessing in disguise, but I totally agree. Thank you for sharing and good luck with job hunting!

  2. Anna Shah-Nazarian
    October 14, 2017 / 3:50 pm

    Perfectly put! A shitty job isn’t necessarily a unique experience, but how we grow from it shows our true character. Amazing article Katrina, I’m ridiculously proud of you. Miss you! (I don’t miss our “shared experience”) Keep it up!

  3. January 12, 2018 / 6:57 pm

    Wow, I would say having a terrible boss is one thing, but shady business is just way too far. I’m glad you aren’t in that situation and know what to look out for in your next job search. I think that having a bad boss does help you realize a lot about yourself and what is important to you. Good luck with your job search!

    • Katrina Torrijos
      January 12, 2018 / 10:39 pm

      Haha yeah. When I found out about the shady business part, I knew I had to get out quick before I got in trouble myself. Thank you so much for the luck and for reading my post! 😀


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