3 Ways to Stand Out in a Job Interview

3 Ways to Stand Out in a Job Interview

One of the biggest parts of your 20’s is going on job interviews. However, I feel like every time I search up interview tips, I feel like I always get the same advice such as “wear something professional” or “research the company before going into the interview.” Yeah, everyone’s advice will teach you how to be a good candidate, but what makes a candidate stand out from the crowd?

At the end of the interview, ask genuine, well-thought out questions

I’m not talking about “what’s a typical day at the office?” or “how much do you guys pay per hour?” The questions that you need to ask are the ones that prove you’ve done some research on the company and actually read through their content. These questions should reflect that you actually care about what the company does. A few possible questions you could ask are:

Where do you see the company headed in 5 years?

What are some of the opportunities/challenges that the company currently faces?

What are your overall expectations for this role?

Pro-tip: Avoid yes/no questions and don’t stump the interviewer with difficult or broad questions. The point of asking questions and conversating at end of the interview is to establish a connection and build rapport with the interviewer.

Be human

I know it’s a good and common practice for people to rehearse their resumes and study everything about the company. However, don’t get too wrapped up in having everything memorized word for word. Remember that you are a human and are allowed to show emotion and let your personality come out.

Have a website ready

Even if you’re not pursuing a creative career, having an online resume/portfolio is an amazing tool to have. Not only are you saving paper from printing out countless copies of your resume, you are also showing off your work experience in a more visual way. You can add pictures, videos and show off your personality with the layout and colors of the site. It’s a more immersive experience and it’s something that will definitely set you apart from other candidates.

A few platforms I recommend building your website on is weebly, wix, and wordpress.

stand out in a job interview

How do you prepare for an interview?

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