Top 3 Photos Spots in Santana Row

santana row

Santana Row is hands-down one of the most photogenic places in Silicon Valley. Every alley, street, and corner is a perfect spot for picture taking. However, because The Row is a popular destination, it’s pretty hard to get a good photo. Nothing ruins a moment like having 50 people run through your shot and 50 more people photobombing behind you. In order to avoid that awkward situation, here are the top 3 photo spots in Santana Row

Santana Row Photo Spot #1: In the Middle of the Street

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I’m not telling you to go out in the middle of oncoming traffic to snap a perfect pic. Once you pass Olin Ave. near Pinkberry, the street becomes closed off to cars, allowing pedestrians to cross the street freely. The weird part is, although the street is closed off to cars, people still choose to remain on the sidewalk. This makes the streets one of the best photo spots in Santana Row.

The best part is, you won’t be risking your life. You are pretty much guaranteed to capture the moving crowds of The Row in the background. If you are visiting at night, twinkly lights sprinkle the trees and buildings. 

Photo Spot #2: The Color Wall

I’m not sure what the actual name of this mural is, but Google says this mural is called The Color Wall. It’s located on Tatum Lane on the backside of Anthropologie.

The Color Wall is a great place to take photos because it is out of the main foot traffic which means you won’t have to deal with people awkwardly walking through the middle of your photo. Because it’s tucked away in an alley, the wall is also very easy to miss.

When I first laid my eyes on The Color Wall, I fell in love. Warm hues of orange, pink, and teal covered every inch of the mural. The wall was decorated with weathered metal grids that resemble victorian windows and gates. Be warned, this is an increasingly popular place where people take photos. If you want to get a photo-op in front of The Color Wall, it’s best to go during non-peak hours. Wall space fills up fast.

Photo Spot #3: The Weathered Wall

weathered wall santana row

Again, not sure what the actual name of this wall is, but Google says it’s the “Wall with Weathered Doors and Windows.” That name is a bit too long to remember, so we’ll just call it the Weathered Wall.

I found this wall by accident on my way out. I just saw some random doors and similar window shapes just like the ones on The Color Wall. Just like The Color Wall, The Weathered Wall does not get much foot traffic. The front of it is hidden behind trees when walking by.

I adore this wall because it’s the complete opposite of flashy and colorful. The colors are dull and the whole thing looks rusted and forgotten about, but my goodness, this wall tells a story. It’s one of those ugly-pretty things that thrive on being interesting to look at rather than beautiful. This is one of the least popular photo spots in Santana Row, so you are guaranteed to capture a unique shot.

weathered wall

Word of advice: Take pictures with caution. Because Santana Row is considered private property, any professional  photography or videography that requires models or tons of equipment requires a permit. If you don’t have a permit, you may be flagged down by security. So when taking pictures, try to keep it lowkey with a few friends and a smart phone or point and shoot. 

santana row

Have you ever been to Santana Row? Where are some of your favorite places to take pictures at on The Row?

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