3 CBD Oil Side Effects: My First Week Using CBD


3 Side Effects of CBD Oil: My First Week Using CBD

For a while, I’ve been a skeptic of CBD oil. I never knew how it worked yet I saw so many glowing reviews from people all over the web saying how much CBD oil has changed their lives. 

After doing some research, I’ve found that CBD oil can be used for multiple uses that go beyond soothing aches and pains. It’s been proven to help calm down anxiety, enhance focus, aid insomnia, and even improve the skin.

If you’re like me and you’re scratching your head while asking yourself, “Does CBD oil really work?” Look no further, I’m going share my experience with you, from one skeptic to another.

primitive 1 cbd oil tincture
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CBD Oil mentioned: Primitive 1 Premium Hemp Oil 500mg tincture
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Primitive 1 was started by Damaris Sanchez, one of my friends in the blogging community. When I heard that she was starting her own CBD oil brand, I knew I needed to support and try it out for myself. This post is not sponsored. The CBD oil I used is made from premium hemp extracts and has roughly 60mg of CBD in each dose.

CBD oil side effects:

After a few hours of taking CBD, I didn’t notice anything crazy drastic. I didn’t experience any drowsiness at all. However, I noticed that I subconsciously started getting ready for bed around 10pm. When my head hit my pillow, it was game over.

I felt extremely relaxed and my eyes were heavy. I usually try to fight my tiredness by watching YouTube videos. That night, I had no urge to fight it. I was knocked out by 10pm (Which NEVER happens by the way.)

CBD effects on anxiety:

cbd oil effects anxiety
Photo by Hailey Reed on Unsplash

I must admit, since using CBD oil, I’ve stopped worrying about the small things. I’m not proud to admit this, but in certain situations I have a really short temper. Even the smallest things can annoy me or stress me out.

While I was on CBD, I had a carefree attitude and had more trust that things would work out in the end.  Did it get rid of all the stress? Absolutely not. Did it mellow me out? Absolutely.

CBD effects on the skin:

cbd oil effects on skin
Photo by Romina Farías on Unsplash

Another way I started incorporating CBD into my lifestyle was putting it in my moisturizer. Every day, I added one drop of CBD oil into my moisturizer and I noticed quite a difference.

I typically have dry, patchy skin with dark spots, Once I started incorporating CBD oil, my skin wasn’t as flaky and dry. Although my skin didn’t drastically change within one week, with continued CBD usage, I feel that my skin would retain moisture better.

CBD effects on productivity:

cbd oil side effects productivity
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The week that I was using CBD oil was the most productive week I’ve had in all of 2019. I’m not even exaggerating. I went to the gym at 5am, started work at 9am, and then went home to work on my youtube channel. I had so much energy.

Also, I noticed that I was laser focused on all of my tasks. For that entire week, my mind was razor sharp. This week made me realize how little time it takes for me to finish my tasks if I just kept focus, but because I usually multitask and my mind trails off a lot, I felt like I had no time to do anything when I really did.

CBD Oil primitive 1

Have you ever tried CBD before? If so, what was your experience? What are your favorite CBD oil brands?

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