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Hella Young is a lifestyle blog created with the modern millennial in mind. Here, we cover topics focused on travel, self-improvement, and career! If you have a story you’d like to tell, contact Katrina (at) hellayoung.com!

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Founder: Katrina Torrijos

Hi there! I’m Katrina and I am the founder of Hella Young! I am born and raised in the Bay Area (hence, the “Hella” in the name!) and I am a full-time social media expert & content creator. When I created Hella Young, I was newly laid off from my 2nd corporate job and I was suffering from depression, anxiety, and adjusting to the post-grad blues. I created the blog to be able to jot down timestamps of my post-grad journey and to inspire people who are experiencing a similar situation. 

3 years later, I am now living my dream career as a full-time creative and a mentor to young artists all over the world. I want to share my tips and experiences with young professionals through Hella Young. 

Join me on this crazy ride.

[Fun fact: I chose to name this blog Hella Young because 10 times out of 10, those two words were used to describe me once someone found out about my age. (for example: “Damn girl, you’re hella young!”) Bam. There it is.]
Illustration by Jeffster