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Hello there! 

My name is Katrina Torrijos and I am a lifestyle blogger and online content creator from the Bay Area, California. I founded the Hella Young after I was laid off from my 3rd corporate job. Tired and burnt out, I decided that I was going to go a different route.

The Hella Young is about self improvement and empowerment as well as celebrating and embracing being young and alive today. I created Hella Young with the intention of being the source where millennials can come for a daily dose of inspiration and motivation to make big moves toward the life they want to live after college. At the same time, Hella Young also serves as a resource to help people with the everyday struggles of life.

[Fun fact: I chose to name this blog Hella Young because 10 times out of 10, those two words were used to describe me once someone found out about my age. (for example: “Damn girl, you’re hella young!”) Bam. There it is.]


4   92
10   120
28   155
1   72
6   97